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The Best Mortgage Lender In San Diego: Mike Solorio of Prime Lending

Do you want to buy a home, or property, but aren’t sure where to find a lender that you can really trust?  Finding the right mortgage lender—before you dive into the real estate process—is vital to having a positive experience with no regrets.  On this inaugural episode of “Live, Laugh & Learn With Chris,” I’m going to introduce you to my personal lender: Mike Solorio of Prime Lending.  We’ll get an inside look at his role in the real estate process, and why it’s so important to get the right advice before you buy.

Mike is the “go-to lender” I use for all of my clients, and he has helped many of them (including myself) to make huge real estate decisions with confidence.  Having a knowledgeable, professional lender to guide you through the process of purchasing real estate is an invaluable resource, especially since those purchasing decisions will be some of the biggest you’ll ever make.  That’s where Mike comes in: with nearly 20 years’ experience in the mortgage industry, he is well equipped to help clients achieve their home ownership goals.  His background in the US Air Force has allowed him to see the world, giving him a broad perspective on life, while his passion for film-making moves him to infuse humor & laughter into what can otherwise be a stressful process for clients.

Whether a person wants to own their own home, refinance or purchase an investment property, seeking the advice of an experience lender is the best first step they can make.  As Mike explains, the guidelines and regulations for today’s lending is much stricter than it has been in the past.  He likens it to a courtroom: if you were going before a judge and a jury, you’d want the most experienced person backing you to make sure all the facts and figures of your case are presented properly.  Doing so enables the judge to make a fair and balanced assessment of the issue at hand.  Underwriting by a loan officer is similar: they can help a borrower put together information about their income and assets to help secure their loan.  This preapproval process gives a prospective buyer much greater success in securing the property they truly want!

While skipping on getting a preapproval with a lender is an option, it’s also a choice that comes with risks.  If you make an offer on a home and begin the process of closing, you may find out that you don’t qualify for the amount you need to finalize your purchase.  It’s best to ensure that you never run into such a sticky situation by searching for a lender beforehand that you can trust, someone you know will advocate for you, help you to analyze your baseline and assist you in making the best choices.

With San Diego rent prices on the rise, purchasing a home might be one of the best money-saving decisions you make.  Choosing a great lender like Mike Solorio will provide you with a road map, helping you to understand the hands you have to play, once all of your financial cards are laid out on the table.  Mike is one of those people you can trust, who always has the best legal and financial interests of his clients at heart.  With lots of learning, and a little laughter, he’ll help you find a place you’ll love living for years to come.

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What to Actually Look for When Buying a House

Buying a new home can be incredibly stressful. There’s so much to think about, it can be easy to forget to check everything you want in a new home.

According to studies, 26% of people view their home once before buying it, while 43% viewed the property twice, 21% three times and 11% four or more times, proving that most house buyers feel the need to go back multiple times to make sure the house is right for them.

RubberBond have acknowledged how frustrating this can be, and have come up with a few graphics that outline EVERYTHING you need to consider when buying a home, looking at both the interior and exterior as well as the surrounding area, so you can simply refer to these any time you need to, and hopefully, you’ll only have to visit a property once to find out everything you need to know before you consider buying.


• Roof – Age / Flat or Pitched / Missing Tiles
• Windows – Double Glazing / Frame Cracks / Condensation
• Orientation – Which way does the house face?
• Cracks – Bricks / Plaster / Wood
• Extensions – Is there any room for developments?
• Parking – Garage / Drive / Road Side
• Weeds – In particular, Japanese Knot Weed



• Attic – Access / Space / Could it be improved?
• Power Points – Where are they situated? What condition are they in?
• Cracks – Plaster
• Damp
• Phone Service
• Safety – What are the Locks like on the Doors and Windows?
• Floors – Any unusual dips or sagging, especially in the bathroom
• What’s Included – Fridge / Washing Machine
• Plumbing – Are the pipes insulated?
• Storage Space
• Room Size – Are they big enough and is there room to grow?

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Surrounding Area

• Are you under a flight path?
• Dilapidated Buildings nearby?
• Is there a local Dump?
• Crime Rates
• Is there a reputable school nearby?
• Is there local transport nearby?
• Trees – Could they block sunlight or views?
• Shops in walking distance
• Building work / scaffolding
• Pubs / takeaways / bars nearby

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Image sources: RubberBond