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Learn Martial Arts At Point Blank Martial Arts And Fitness Center

Come join me on an international trip to learn some martial arts moves! In this first international episode of Live, Laugh & Learn With Chris, I’m heading to Vaughan, Ontario, Canada to visit  Point Blank Martial Arts & Fitness Center. We’ll chat with my very cool brother Steve Hyatt, to learn all about the training that Point Blank offers.

Meet Steve Hyatt

Vaughan, Ontario is located just north of Toronto, Canada. At the practically brand-new Point Blank Martial Arts & Fitness Center, we had a chance to interview the owner, and Head Mixed Martial Arts Instructor of Point Blank: my very cool brother Steve Hyatt.

Like most kids, Steve watched a tremendous number of martial arts movies growing up. He always wanted to do it and thought it looked cool, but he didn’t quite get it at that age. Later, Steve and his best friend in 11th-grade Math started training together—and his interest grew.

From there, the pair founded their first Jeet Kune Do club. They continued training, and before he knew it, Steve was the owner of his very own training center.

Tips For Beginners

If you’ve ever thought about taking a martial arts class, you might have a lot of questions. What are the benefits of training in martial arts? What can people expect from a class? Can people of different ages and physical abilities train?

Steve tells us that one of the first things they do is ensure that all of the lessons are fun, safe and educational. There’s a big stigma about martial arts; many think they need to be a big, tough, in-shape person to get value out of training. However, this simply isn’t true.

People don’t need to be worried about their physical limitations or what shape they’re in if they want to study martial arts. At Point Blank, they have people from 95 pounds to 345 pounds who train. Many people tell Steve they want to wait until they get in shape to start training in martial arts. However, that’s like waiting until you’re smart enough to go to school—it doesn’t make any sense.

People come here to get in shape, learn and have a great time while doing it. This is exactly what Point Blank provides.

Equipment and Safety

At Point Blank Martial Arts & Fitness Center, there is a variety of equipment available. From weight training to obstacle course training, they’ve got all kinds of fun stuff to keep people doing different things for their fitness. Steve tries to make sure to incorporate every physical attribute within their training.

Additionally, they also provide the facility to all of their members to use at their leisure during opening hours. This allows them to enhance their own personal workouts and drive their own personal goals while also learning martial arts. The environment itself is also safe, especially when it comes to air quality.

Point Blank features two wonderful machines that were designed by NASA. Using the same technology that’s used on the International Space Station, they eradicate anything larger than an oxygen particle. This means you can’t catch a virus, bacteria or fungus at the fitness center; nothing lives there but oxygen, making everyone ridiculously safe. This gives a lot of peace of mind to both students and their families, especially during these times.

The Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of martial arts training, there are many. Steve says the top three, though, are self-confidence, socialization and fun. First, the self-confidence you’ll receive is amazing.

As you train, you’ll be able to be competent and comfortable in physical settings. You’ll build your character, your resilience and your expectations for any confrontation you face—for the rest of your life. While this doesn’t necessarily give you the skills to beat the crap out of anybody, it provides you with the self-confidence to address any situation that comes up.

Second, the social benefits are key. You get to be with actual people doing actual things. You’re also able to understand what you’ve learned in class and apply it right then with individual people.

The third benefit is the fun and entertainment value. Knowing you’re learning and living with a whole great group of people that are here to support you is an environment you can’t miss.

Begin Your Training

Learning martial arts skills helps keep you safe, improves your overall health and allows you to gain a sense of competence that you can take with you throughout your whole life. This bleeds into all kinds of other areas of your life.

So if you’re ready to learn martial arts, visit Point Blank Martial Arts & Fitness Center today. Talk to Steve at 416-903-2789 or call me at 619-925-2322 for more information. You can also check out Point Blank’s website to find out everything you need to know.

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