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More Client Testimonials

Are you a long-time renter or current homeowner that’s ready to make a change and buy or sell a home? In this video I share more testimonials of past clients that achieved their real estate goals and moved on to their next chapter. We’ll hear about a variety of situations, wants, and needs and discover how I was able to assist my clients to get the results they wanted.

Making A Change

Many of my clients come to me as renters, many from San Diego along with those looking to move to our beautiful area. They often come to me ready to make a change and wanting to take the leap into homeownership. One of the driving forces is that they could be paying into their own equity instead of someone else’s.

Chiro and Peggy, for example, were renters that began to feel like they were throwing their money away into a black hole—never to be seen again. After living in their apartment for 4 years, they decided to seek out my help to get into their own home. They’re now happy homeowners with a space of their own.

Other clients, such as Jennifer, dream of moving to our fair city from other areas. While it can be a challenge to find a property with all their wants (such as space to breathe or the amenities of a condo), I love helping clients get into the exact home that fits their goals.

Working With Me

Because I pride myself on easy communication, I love to hear that my clients feel comfortable and reassured during our early meetings. My knowledge of the real estate industry is what I use to help guide their journey, whether they’re looking to buy or sell. I also have many friends and colleagues to connect clients with to help along the way.

Whether you’re in a rush to sell or are facing a difficult financial situation, I can find a way to help. Phil, for example, was behind on payments and facing foreclosure. I was able to connect with an investor, put thousands into a remodel, and get Phil’s property sold in record time for $755,000. Finding solutions to a variety of problems is part of my job, and I was thrilled to help Phil get out of a difficult situation.

When you work with me, I’ll go over every detail and take as much time as is needed to make sure you’re informed. As my client, you’re my priority, and I want to be accessible to you. I’ll bring my energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge to each situation so that you feel comfortable and taken care of. In addition to crossing all my T’s and dotting my i’s, I’ll always be honest with you while treating you with kindness.

I’m Here To Help

I hope these testimonials have helped you to see what it’s like to work with me as your Realtor. Whether you’re a renter looking to buy or a homeowner looking to sell, I’ll always do my best to help you navigate your particular situation.

If you’d like more information about the buying and selling process or are ready to make a change, please reach out to me and I’d love to connect with you. Don’t forget to also subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of my show. Stay tuned to see what real estate tips and San Diego spotlights I feature next!