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San Diego’s Best Kept Secret: The Point Loma Tidepools

We’re privileged to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, attracting over 35.8 million visitors each year.  If you’re like me, finding a special spot away from tourists and crowds isn’t easy to share—so let’s keep this beautiful destination between us!  On this episode of Live. Laugh. Learn With Chris, join me as I explore the spectacular Point Loma Tidepools, one of San Diego’s best-kept secrets.  With amazing views of our beautiful ocean, this is the perfect place to unplug from technology and connect to our natural world.

Amazing Coastal Views At The Point Loma Tidepools

Viewing the ocean atop a sandstone bluff

Part of the Cabrillo National Park system, the tidepools are located at the end of the beautiful Point Loma peninsula. You’ll find an array of creatures both great and small as you wander and explore.  Snails, crabs, sea stars and urchins are among the residents of the small rocky pools.  Further out, you may spot a whale, dolphin or seal is they navigate their deep ocean home.  Trails wind through the native vegetation of the sandstone bluffs, with Coastal Sage Scrub dotting the landscape.  Choose the Coastal Trail, and you’ll be heading towards the best-kept secret in San Diego!

Hugging the coast and leading down to the rocks, you’ll be immersed in the peaceful sounds of the crashing waves and the calls of pelicans and seagulls overhead.  At only about 1-mile round trip, it’s a relatively easy hike.  Take in the majestic views of the Pacific Ocean, and note the unique erosion patterns of the sandstone bluffs and hills.  When you reach the end, you’ll have found the special spot that I’ve held dear for all these years.

My Secret Spot

The site for many wonderful picnics and conversations with family and friends, I’ve loved bringing people here to experience the gorgeous views and peaceful ambiance of the California coast.  There’s no denying the therapeutic value of salty fresh air, the sounds of the ocean, and the disconnect from technology that you find here.  That’s right: there’s no cell phone service on this edge of the Point Loma peninsula, so don’t bother trying to check Coastal tidepools on the Pacific Oceanmessages or Instagram a live video of your explorations.  Instead, immerse yourself in the moment.  Be present in your surroundings.  Let the quiet, spiritual awe of nature soothe your stress, without distractions.  After a few minutes here, you won’t even want to look at your screen so you don’t miss the beautiful views!

A few tips: the Coastal Trail is the only area in the park where leashed dogs are allowed, so feel free to bring your furry friend along for the trek.  And again, you won’t have cell service, so make sure to take care of any business before you get here.  Whether you decide to go alone, bring your pet, or journey with family and friends, the Point Loma Tidepools are a place you’ll want to come back to again and again.  And remember…it’s our little secret!