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3 Tips Avoid Overspending on Your Next Home

Buying a home is a major financial decision—so it’s not surprising that overspending is one of the top homebuyer regrets.

Avoid this common mistake with these 3 tips:

💸Get preapproved for a mortgage. Complete the process before you begin your search so you know what’s within reach.

💸Shop around for a lender. Getting a few different rate quotes can save you thousands over the long run.

💸Think through your budget. Be sure to consider maintenance and repair costs in addition to your mortgage payment, taxes, and insurance.

Check out our latest blog post to learn how to steer clear of other common homebuyer regrets!

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University Heights – San Diego Neighborhood Spotlight

In this episode of Live Laugh Learn, we check out all the fun things to do and see in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego, CA.

Why is it called University Heights when there’s no university in the neighborhood? What’s with all the ostriches? And where is Shirley Ann Place?

Get answers to these questions plus tips on places to eat, drink and play. Enjoy!

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Marston Hills Neighborhood Spotlight & Balboa Park

If you’re anything like me — a long-time resident of San Diego who had never heard of Marston Hills — you’re not alone! Marston Hills is a true gem within a gem, nestled in between Balboa Park and Hillcrest.
There’s Marston House, built by George Marston, considered San Diego’s first resident. The 8,000-square foot Marston House was designed by architects Sterling and Gill. This gorgeous estate was built in 1905, with 70 luxury estates surrounding it.
The original homes in this neighborhood were designed by Gill and Hebbard and built 1923-1936. With their luxurious, mature landscaping, some boast the first garages in San Diego as cars became more commonplace. The area is also known for its urban finger trails, which connect to larger trails leading right into beautiful Balboa Park.
Balboa Park is the fourth largest urban park in North America. The park is home to 21 museums, including the Museum of Man, the Timken Museum of Art and the Museum of Photographic Arts. With gardens, the zoo and so much more to do, grab a drink or meal afterwards at one of the many restaurants in the park, such as Panama 66 or Prado.
So, that’s an introduction to world-famous Balboa Park and the neighborhood of Marston Hills. Thanks for joining us for another episode of Live-Laugh-Learn with Chris!