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San Diego Neighborhood Spotlight – Kensington

Which San Diego neighborhood has a small-town feel right in the heart of the big city?

It’s the same part of San Diego that features –
-the Ward Canyon Bridge
-beautifully restored Tudor, Spanish Colonial and Craftsman-style homes
-an annual Memorial Day parade, complete with basketball tournament
Come along as Danielle and I explore Kensington in this episode of Live-Laugh-Learn!
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Normal Heights Neighborhood Spotlight

Did you know that the Normal Heights neighborhood of San Diego is home…

…to what many Rock’n’Roll Marathon runners consider to be the prettiest street on their route?
…to the first radio station in San Diego?
…to a modern-day, functioning monastery?
Get answers to all these questions and more as Danielle and I explore Normal Heights Check in the latest episode of Live-Laugh-Learn.
Come along with us and see why Normal Heights is gaining popularity among tourists and locals alike!