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National Real Estate Market Update for 2023

There’s no denying it—the current real estate market isn’t the easiest to navigate.

High mortgage rates are challenging both buyers and sellers around the country, and market uncertainty is causing some would-be movers to push off their plans.

To help you maneuver this evolving market, we’re sharing an update for the first half of the year, along with experts’ predictions for the coming months.

Read it to find out:

  • Where mortgage rates and home prices are headed
  • What factors are limiting inventory
  • How new home construction has been impacted
  • What it all means for homeowners, buyers and sellers

Still have questions? Reach out to talk through the specific trends we’re seeing in our area here in San Diego or anywhere in the US where you have an interest. We can help you build a plan to work toward your real estate goals, no matter what the rest of the year holds.

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Should I Buy Now? Or Later?

A lot of people are asking if now is the right time to buy a home or if they should wait until mortgage interest rates go down.

In this episode of Live-Laugh-Learn, hear from mortgage lending professional Mike Solorio, of Prime Lending. I ask him the questions I hear most from my clients who are considering a home purchase.

Get answers to questions like:

*Since interest rates have doubled in the last year, my mortgage payment will double, too, right?

*Should I just wait for interest rates to go back down?

*What’s going to happen next in the San Diego real estate market?

*What if I only plan to live in the home for a couple years?

Then, watch the other videos in this playlist ( for answers to other frequently asked questions, such as “What’s a 3-2-1 buydown?” and “Can I qualify for Affordable Housing assistance?”