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How to Become a Homeowner on a First-Time Buyer’s Budget

💸 Creative Ways to Afford Your First Home 💸

It’s a tough time for rookie homebuyers – but don’t despair. By using a few creative ideas, you can still make your homeownership dreams come true.

🏡 Cover part of your mortgage by getting a roommate or leasing out your garage.

🏡 Consider buying a home with friends or family members.

🏡 Ask loved ones for help with your down payment or closing costs.

🏡 Look for special programs and assistance.

🏡 Expand your home search to new areas and rethink your requirements.

Check out my latest blog post for more creative ideas you can use to afford your first home!

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Should I Buy Now? Or Later?

A lot of people are asking if now is the right time to buy a home or if they should wait until mortgage interest rates go down.

In this episode of Live-Laugh-Learn, hear from mortgage lending professional Mike Solorio, of Prime Lending. I ask him the questions I hear most from my clients who are considering a home purchase.

Get answers to questions like:

*Since interest rates have doubled in the last year, my mortgage payment will double, too, right?

*Should I just wait for interest rates to go back down?

*What’s going to happen next in the San Diego real estate market?

*What if I only plan to live in the home for a couple years?

Then, watch the other videos in this playlist ( for answers to other frequently asked questions, such as “What’s a 3-2-1 buydown?” and “Can I qualify for Affordable Housing assistance?”