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The Best Personal Trainer in San Diego: My Secret on How to Stay Fit and Healthy

I love working out. It’s one of my passions and has become part of my daily routine. It helps me build muscle, control weight and stay healthy, while boosting my energy and mental wellbeing. You can regularly find me before sunrise at the 24 Hour Fitness on Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest. The Hillcrest gym provides a convenient location filled with positive energy and dedicated personal trainers. 

How I Skyrocket my Success at the Gym

My Best Self

My personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness is Jovon. He’s an incredible personal trainer. He consistently helps me reach and surpass my goals. I go faster and farther because of him. Aside from being a master trainer, Jovon is a Corrective Exercise Specialist, as well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Benefits of an Expert

Jovon is a movement expert and is great at assessing the way clients move. He gets clients to feel what they are doing. We recently discussed the benefits of working out with a trainer. Jovon specifically addressed the benefits to those new to working out and benefits to those who have suffered an injury. One of the main benefits of working out with a personal trainer is to get educated to maximize the effectiveness of your workout, while at the same time reduce your risk of injury.

Doing It Right

For me, maintaining proper form is essential to my workouts. Correct form ensures I get the most out of my workouts and avoid injury. My trainer Jovon always demonstrates proper form and technique during our workouts. Working out with my trainer maximizes my results and helps me achieve my goals more quickly.

Going to the gym is always a highlight of my day. Working out helped me overcome a serious injury and avoid surgery. It consistently builds my confidence and keeps me feeling my best. I encourage you to join a gym and get started. If you join 24 Hour in Hillcrest, make sure you ask for Jovon. He’ll ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

24 Hour Hillcrest
24 Hour Hillcrest