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Welcome To Mira Mesa!

Are you looking to live in a diverse San Diego neighborhood with great amenities? In this episode of Live, Laugh & Learn With Chris, I take you on a tour of Mira Mesa, in San Diego County. We’ll join my gal pal Danielle Berkeley to explore everything from the city’s Top Gun history to delicious eateries so you can get to know the area better.

Welcome To Mira Mesa

Mira Mesa is located in San Diego County, a bit north of central downtown. A lot of people consider the area to be extremely densely populated with tons of traffic.

However, despite its reputation for being a busy city, it’s actually more like a little suburb and a city within a larger city. Mira Mesa is quite lovely and a must-see for those looking to move to or within San Diego.

A Need For Speed

There are a variety of things that make Mira Mesa special—one of which is its association with the famous movie Top Gun. That “highway to the danger zone” was located at the Naval Air Station Miramar and has given its name to different streets around Mira Mesa, like Topgun Avenue. Many famous filming locations can still be visited by the general public.

In keeping with the theme of soaring through the skies, Mira Mesa is also home to the Leatherneck Museum. If you’re an aviation enthusiast, it’s an outstanding place to visit. You will see some very rare birds there as well (pun intended), as you can get into certain parts of the base. The Miramar Lake and Reservoir also provides access to the fish.

Diverse Eateries And Hidden Secrets

Another great thing about Mira Mesa is the excellent restaurants it offers. You’ll find eateries from all different ethnic backgrounds that are absolutely outstanding. Some examples include Tofu House, Manna BBQ for Korean Barbecue, and one of the most popular pho places, Pho Cow Cali, on Mira Mesa Boulevard.

Along with plenty of places to chow down, Mira Mesa is home to some hidden secrets most people don’t know about. While Danielle won’t give away all of this neighborhood’s secrets, there are supposedly some hidden haunted houses in the area. You’ll have to do your own research to find them, she says, but I bet it’s worth the hunt.

Another secret most people don’t know about is that many of the area’s industrial complexes have great stores and restaurants in them. While you’d think they were dead ends or just businesses, you can find a lot of great hidden gems in these areas. Lastly, Mira Mesa is the home of San Diego’s only Vietnamese New Year celebration. Called the San Diego Tet Festival, this fun event is held every year around early February.

Coming Soon

Does Mira Mesa sound like a place that would fit you and your family? If so, I’m very excited to share a sneak peek of a coming-soon property right here in Mira Mesa. This single-family, three-bedroom, two-bath home is undergoing an amazing renovation.

The property will be available in early 2022. Stay tuned to this channel to find out more, or you can always reach out to me and I’ll be happy to connect! Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss an episode of Live, Laugh & Learn With Chris, and see what I feature next!